We’ve revolutionized eye and gesture tracking.

Introducing, the first ultra-compact scanner module created for extremely precise eye tracking and gesture sensing.


How do we do it?

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This is the future.

Our micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) are smaller, lighter, faster, and more energy efficient than any other tracking system on the market today. Ultra-precise, mobile eye tracking and gesture sensing will change human-computer interaction forever.

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So Fast, It Predicts the Future

Our microsystems take thousands of measurements every second and process them instantly, allowing them to compute velocity on-the-fly with unprecedented resolution. Since the velocity profiles of saccades (the rapid involuntary movements of the eye) are highly consistent, we can predict where a user will look.

Seamless Integration

Our chipset is so compact and simple that it fits unobtrusively into VR headsets and AR glasses. Electrical integration has never been so simple, while record-breaking power efficiency enables truly mobile eye tracking.

Discover the Most Intuitive Interface

Most interactions with computers require the user to first look, then move a pointer, stylus or finger to select an action. Eye tracking cuts out the middle-man to translate intent directly into action.

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Our tracker replaces bulky, power-hungry cameras with ultra-compact MEMS.

AdHawk has developed microsystems that are optimized to extract eye position thousands of times per second without any computational overhead.


An invisible beam of light scans across the cornea to reveal its position.

We produce 2 degree-of-freedom MEMS scanners that are so tiny and light that they can track even the fastest eye movements effortlessly.

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Smaller. Faster. Simpler.
The future of eye tracking is here.

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About AdHawk

AdHawk Microsystems is revolutionizing human-computer interaction through ultra-precise tracking solutions that are smaller, faster and more power-efficient. Our camera-free eye tracking system enables truly mobile data capture and paves the way for a new generation of highly immersive AR/VR experiences.

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