Senior Hardware Engineer

Position Summary

In this role you will develop MEMS drive electronics and optical sensing circuits at the discrete and ASIC level.  You'll submit quarterly MPW/shuttle runs to top-tier CMOS foundries for fabrication of test circuits and devices providing ample opportunity for circuit tapeout and validation.  We have access to ample resources for assembly and test allowing our engineers to quickly iterate on designs. You'll have the unique opportunity to work with a variety of hardware systems including flex, rigid-flex, LTCC, HTCC, VCSELs, and optics all under one roof.

Candidate Requirements

Undergraduate Engineering or Physics Degree with 5+ years circuit design experience

Job Responsibilities

  • Contribute innovative and original ideas to the technology, algorithms and products from ideation to implementation

  • Work with the product and design teams to understand end-user requirements and use cases, then translate into hardware to advance performance metrics: power, speed, accuracy, reliability, yield and cost

  • Develop integration techniques for tracker hardware in various form factors

  • Produce fully functional and robust prototypes for novel 3D sensing applications such as depth mapping, gesture recognition, ranging etc.

Required Skills

  • Circuit design experience in an analog/mixed-signal environment at the board, chip and system level

    • Electro-optical sensing of low-level signals in a power constrained environment

    • Analog signal conditioning and filtering

  • Experience with SPICE simulation and PCB schematic entry and layout using Eagle, Cadence OrCad/Allegro and/or Altium Designer

  • Design and testing of precision analog circuits

  • Rapid prototyping & debugging: soldering, harnessing, and/or fixturing

  • Strong technical writing expertise for production of datasheets, application guides, customer correspondence, etc.

  • Familiar with low power MCU (ST, Atmel, TI etc.) and its peripheral circuits (MIPI, SPI etc.).

  • Basic programming: C/C++/Python or equivalent.

Good Skills to Have

  • Worked with MEMS based sensors

  • High volume consumer product development experience

  • High speed PCB design

  • Flex board design

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Location: 607 King St W Unit 1, Kitchener, ON

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