Senior Embedded Software Engineer

410 Albert St Suite 102, Waterloo, ON

Full time


AdHawk is looking for a talented and experienced Embedded Software Engineer to help build an awesome eye-tracking product. We need help creating our next generation embedded platform, as well as building and integrating new eye tracking features. Our Embedded platform is built on a Cortex M series CPU, and is responsible for controlling the MEMS scanners, processing the raw data with a series of algorithms, and communicating with other devices. As a real-time wearable platform there are strict size, power and performance requirements for the system.

You will be involved in every aspect of the product development cycle from architecture and design to support and maintenance. You will work closely with the whole software team, as well as the product and customer teams to identify project requirements, create APIs and architectures, and build solutions. As a small team, there is the flexibility to gain experience and contribute to all levels of our stack.


  • Help architect and implement new features for our embedded platform
  • Design and develop our next generation embedded platform
  • Develop SDKs and tools for communicating and interacting with our eye tracker
  • Ship features early and often to customers
  • Participate in code reviews, API design and planning meetings


  • Significant experience writing C code for embedded MCUs, such as the Cortex-M series
  • Experience with Python, and common embedded tooling
  • Experience with hardware design and board bringup
  • An understanding of common hardware peripherals and interfaces
  • Familiarity with tools like Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Jira, etc

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