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About AdHawk

AdHawk Microsystems develops eye-tracking technology that helps unlock the connection between the eyes, the brain and the world around us. We produce custom silicon microsystems at the wafer-scale to enable the proliferation of eye tracking in consumer electronics products. Our team has re-imagined the architecture of conventional eye-tracking systems to achieve the performance that is required for mobile, medical, and AR/VR applications. With order-of-magnitude improvements in sampling rate, latency, and power consumption, we can capture subtle changes in eye movement dynamics, enabling effortless control of wearable devices, while revealing the interests, emotional state, and health of a person.

We are a fully funded startup with an experienced management team that believes in the ability of candidates to make a significant contribution to the future of human-computer interaction (HCI). We believe in a flexible work environment with an emphasis on results and outcomes–not hours. Our team consists of researchers and engineers of the highest caliber with a deep sense of curiosity and a passion for the technology we develop. We publish award-winning research papers, fabricate custom silicon chips at leading foundries, and push the boundaries of physics and manufacturing to develop products that create compelling value for our customers.

Successful candidates will gain hands-on familiarity with several new HCI peripherals built around a groundbreaking MEMS electro-optical sensor platform. You will be one of the first people to have an opportunity to redefine the way VR/AR technology is used. You will also have a chance to develop new paradigms in gestural input technology on tomorrow’s wearable devices. Our range of customers and collaborators includes renowned international corporations and research institutes from around the world.

Current Opportunities
at AdHawk Microsystems

Senior Hardware Engineer

410 Albert St, Waterloo ON

Full time

November 15, 2023