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The AdHawk MindLink will ship with an API that will allow users to subscribe to various real-time eye tracking data streams. Available streams include:

Gaze Angle (Binocular/L/R)
Pupil Position
Vergence Angle
Pupil Size
IMU Stream
An SDK in both C and Python will be included to assist developers with connecting the AdHawk MindLink to their applications.

The AdHawk MindLink system uses a tethered connection to an Android mobile device or a Windows or Mac computer. The software supports recording eye tracking gaze data and displays a live preview of a calibrated gaze marker superimposed on the world camera video. The data streams can also be received in real time via our API and written to a CSV file for offline analysis.

The software allows researchers to capture and replay high speed eye tracking data from the AdHawk MindLink glasses. The data includes gaze angle, pupil position, pupil size, and vergence. The software also displays and records video from the world camera with a gaze marker overlaid. We also provide screen-space tracking functionality using an integrated IMU and marker detection to project a user’s gaze into screen coordinates to support studies that require a stimulus to be presented to the user. Additional analysis features shall be added in future software updates and we expect our data to be compatible with commercially available analysis tools.

The prescription lens set contains pairs of high quality lenses with the following diopters: -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4. A pair of 0 diopter plano lenses are included with the AdHawk MindLink. As an alternative, users may visit their optician with the AdHawk MindLink glasses to order custom prescription lenses.

The AdHawk MindLink glasses are designed with outdoor eye tracking in mind. The detectors in our system architecture are tuned (both in frequency and wavelength) to only detect light from our scanner modules, so the glasses are robust to sunlight. However, outdoor tracking in bright sunlight comes with challenges like smaller pupils, squinting eyelids and other human factors. All of these can affect the quality of eye tracking.

The product will be shipped to customers 2 to 3 weeks after purchasing. 

Yes we do! Product Brochure, Sample Data, and Technical Specs. You can also download a larger data sample set (380 MB) here

Please check out user guide or contact us for additional support.

Yes, we have several examples available on our GitHub repository.

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